June 06, 2023


Sunday 8:00 am  -  Traditional

  Holy Communion

Sunday 10:30 am  - 

  Contemporary Holy Communion

Wednesday 10:00 am  -

     Holy Communion & Healing

* Regularly scheduled services.  Check calendar to the right for changes due to COVID-19 restrictions.


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   Welcome to the St. Paul's website.  Here you will discover how we live out the love of God as a spiritual family centered upon Christ.  You have a place here, and may God's peace be with you.

- The Reverend Joseph Shepley










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Our Parish Community

Come to the About Us Section to meet the staff of St. Paul's Church, and find out what we're all about!


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Click here to read our current issue of the Sword Points (weekly).

Click here to read our current issue of the Sword of the Spirit (monthly).


Please submit any ministry pictures and upcoming events by e-mail to stpaulsbrookfield@gmail.com for possible use in up coming web updates. Thanks.


Prayer Requests

Use the this link to submit a Prayer Request.  Prayer requests will be e-mailed to members of the Prayer Chain.  Also check out  the prayers requests on the Members Only section of our website.  God Bless.


St. Paul's Parish

174 Whisconier Road

Brookfield Center, CT   06804

(203) 775-9587

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"Sword of the Spirit"Spoints Cover 2014-11-26

Each month St. Paul's communicates with its members and friends through the monthly "Sword of the Spirit."  It opens with a monthly message from our Rector, Fr. Shepley and contains the SPcover5 31 12calendar for the month, several ministry schedules, educational articles and a summary of the most recent Vestry meeting.  To get on the "Sword of the Spirit" mailing list, click here.


Click on the links below for past "Sword of the Spirit" edition from this year.  For "Sword of the Spirit" copies from before this year, use the "Resources" tab in the "Members Only" section of the website.



December 2018 "Sword of the Spirit"  Restoring Whatever Is Lacking in Our Faith

November 2018 "Sword of the Spirit"  Christ Centered, Heavenbound Perserverance

October 2018 "Sword of the Spirit"      Are You in Need of Prayer

September 2018 "Sword of the Spirit" Let the Little Children Come to Me

August 2018 "Sword of the Spirit"        Our Feet Are Standing in Your Gates, Jerusalem

July 2018 "Sword of the Spirit"             Looking Up, Thanking God

June 2018 "Sword of the Spirit"            Engaging the Scriptures

May 2018 "Sword of the Spirit"             New Spiritual Life Rising in this Resurrection Season

April 2018 "Sword of the Spirit"            Finding the Way of the Cross

March 2018 "Sword of the Spirit"         Are You Ready?

February 2018 "Sword of the Spirit"     The Church Is Alive & Well 

January 2018 "Sword of the Spirit"       On the Wrong Side of History 

December 2017 "Sword of the Spirit"   Looking for the Light Together 

November 2017 "Sword of the Spirit"   The Leaders of Our Church 

October 2017 "Sword of the Spirit"      Enter into the Mystical Unity of the Body of Christ

September 2017 "Sword of the Spirit"  Be in His Presence

August 2017 "Sword of the Spirirt"       Engaging Our Wider Community

July 2017 "Sword of the Spirirt"           What Does Giving Look Like to You?

June 2017 "Sword of the Spirirt"          Many Came Needing More

May 2017 "Sword of the Spirirt"           The Love of God Leads Us to Love Jesus

April 2017 "Sword of the Spirirt"           In the Beginning Was the Word

March 2017 "Sword of the Spirirt"        Let Us Seek the Lord

February 2017 "Sword of the Spirit"     Do the Work of an Evangelist

December 2016 "Sword of the Spirit"   Bringing Christ's Arrival into Focus

November 2016 "Sword of the Spirit"   As We Behold God's Handiwork

October 2016 "Sword of the Spirit"      Raise the Roof

September 2016 "Sword of the Spirit"  Taking Hold of God

August 2016 "Sword of the Spirit"        Claiming Our Region for Christ in God's Promise

July 2016 "Sword of the Spirit"             Let's Outdo One Another in Love & Encouragement

June 2016 "Sword of the Spirit"            Notice How the People Were Persuaded

May 2016 "Sword of the Spirit"             There Is Plenty of More Room in Our Growing Family
April 2016 "Sword of the Spirit"             We Are Led to Put Our Trust in God
March 2016 "Sword of the Spirit"          Surrender and Open Up to Eternal Love

February 2016 "Sword of the Spirit"      Integrated into Our Common Lives

January 2016 "Sword of the Spirit"       Hallelujah!
December 2015 "Sword of the Spirit"   Dark Times Lead to the Light of Insight
November 2015 "Sword of the Spirit"   Standing on Holy Ground

October 2015 "Sword of the Spirit"       God's Calling

September 2015 "Sword of the Spirit"  Part of Something Bigger

August 2015 "Sword of the Spirit"         Rejoice in Our Youth

July 2015 "Sword of the Spirit"              Divine Friendship

June 2015 "Sword of the Spirit"            "May We Pray or You?"

May 2015 "Sword of the Spirit"              Abide in the Vine

April 2015 "Sword of the Spirit"             Journey Into Holy Week

March 2015 "Sword of the Spirit"           Lent: A Season of Returning Home

February 2015 "Sword of the Spirit"      Pointing to Chrst for 231 Years

January 2015 "Sword of the Spirit"        Radiant Living Is Our Common Calling

December 2014 "Sword of the Spirit"    Advent 2014

November 2014 "Sword of the Spirit"    Crocker Hall Dedication

October 2014 "Sword of the Spirit"        Fr. Joe's Back

September 2014 "Sword of the Spirit"   Anticipation

August 2014 "Sword of the Spirit"         The Glory of God

July, 2014 "Sword of the Spirit"              ... But God!

June, 2014 "Sword of the Spirit"            Do We Measure Up?

May, 2014 "Sword of the Spirit"              Out with the old... In with the new... Crocker Hall

April, 2014 "Sword of the Spirit"             Beholding the Story of God's Saving Power in Jesus

March, 2014 "Sword of the Spirit"          Preparing for Life after Dust

February, 2014 "Sword of the Spirit"      The Many Faces of the Spirit

January, 2014 "Sword of the Spirit"        It Is the Power of God

December, 2013 "Sword of the Spirit"    A Light Cleaving the Darkness

November, 2013 "Sword of the Spirit"    To Tell the Truth

October, 2013 "Sword of the Spirit"        We Have Vision
September, 2013 "Sword of the Spirit"   Anticipate What God Is About to Do

August, 2013 "Sword of the Spirt"          Where do you fit in the bigger picture?

July, 2013 "Sword of the Spirt"               So, What's Next?

June, 2013 "Sword of the Spirt"             Staying on Message

May, 2013 "Sword of the Spirt"               Welcome to Our Family Room

April, 2013 "Sword of the Spirt"              He Lives

March, 2013 "Sword of the Spirt"           What Do These Outstreached Arms Say to You?

February, 2013 "Sword of the Spirt"       May Your Joy Be Complete

January, 2013 "Sword of the Spirt"         The Season of Epiphany

December, 2012 "Sword of the Spirt"     Advent Waiting

November, 2012 "Sword of the Spirt"     Reaching the World for Christ

October, 2012 "Sword of the Spirt"         At the Font We Start Our Journey

September, 2012 "Sword of the Spirt"    Father Joe Approved as Rector

August, 2012 "Sword of the Spirt"          The Mystery of Goodness

July, 2012 "Sword of the Spirt"                V.B.S. 2012

June, 2012 "Sword of the Spirt"              Walking in Jesus' Footsteps

May, 2012 "Sword of the Spirit"               He took bread, gave thanks, broke it...

April, 2012 "Sword of the Spirit"              Holy Week and Easter

March, 2012 "Sword of the Spirit"           The Wonderful World of Children

February, 2012 "Sword of the Spirit"       Annual Meeting 2012

January, 2012 "Sword of the Spirit"         The Light of Christ Has Come Into the World